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May 18, 2011
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Can't Fear What I Don't Fear by SionnaDehr Can't Fear What I Don't Fear by SionnaDehr
Because somehow, disagreeing equals bigoted, intolerant, and insensitive and afraid. Yet, no one simply allows people to disagree. No prejudice involved, there are just some things that people are going to disagree with when it comes to homosexuality.
Oh, and apparently, the above also means that people who disagree with the idea of homosexuality hate all homosexuals. Yeah, no, sorry kids. Assuming things just makes an ass out of yourselves.
Now, if people do kill or assault or do something inexplicably horrible to homosexuals, now that would be the point where many people like me say something along the lines of "that intolerant bastard". Trust me, the disagreers hate the people that hurt people for who they are just as much as everyone else.

Disclaimer: This is simply my opinion. No offense is intended with this stamp. This is simply something that needs to be said since people are so touchy.
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wadanobara Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
HETEROPHOBIC. Because apparently you just cant disagree anymore.
ll-vitiatus-ll Featured By Owner Edited Oct 14, 2014  Student Digital Artist
:iconthumbsupplz: bless
madoke Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wha t the hell do you "disagree" with// like seriously im confused -_-

and yea, that is the definition of homophobic lmao
KittyCreator Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I wonder why people care about who is in a relationship with the same sex or not. And not care about their own. :facepalm:
amanda2324 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
To OctopusCharade, who cowardly blocked me before I could respond:

"holy shit you are the most homophobic, sexist, person ive seen in a long time."

Guess what? I don't care about your mere opinion.

"All right, fine, rights are extended to individuals. So, you're saying that an individual old person, and infertile person have the right to marry. However, an individual man or woman does NOT have that right simply because they're gay?"

False. A homosexual man can marry any consenting unrelated adult woman. So, yes, he does have the right to marry an individual of the opposite-sex. Same as everyone else.

"That's even worse that my former point because you ARE being down right homophobic in that instance to a great degree. You're not against the couple so much as you are against the individual who happens to be gay.  Dancing around your homophobic point in an attempt to seem worldly and fair by saying NOBODY has the right to marry someone of the same gender is asinine and just repulsive. What you are saying is homosexuals can't get married to the people they love. Full stop. You're trying to flower it with seemingly intellectual text, but its filibustering and a down right disgusting attempt to hide your own bigotry and hostility. You're trying to mask your hate speech, but guess what? It's still hate speech."

Your argument: My argument is homophobic.
My response: I don't care if it's homophobic.

And no, I am not against the individual. False assumption. Everything else appears to be a childish rant.

"Furthermore, homosexual relationships are not demeaning other relationships. To even infer that is disgusting."

Prove that I inferred such a thing.

"One's personal preference in their romantic choices do not extend to ruling out the opposite of such entirely. It's like saying if someone really liked blue eyes on their partner, regardless of orientation and sex, they're ruling out every human being with a different eye color implying that they aren't needed. Are you really saying that? Are you really that much of an idiot? JFC you really are the biggest idiot I've talked to in a long while."

You have committed a false analogy fallacy. Excluding a person of a specific sex from a particular union is different from excluding persons of different eye colors. Why? Because the variety of hair colors, eye colors, skin colors/races, first of all, exceeds the limit of how many people are allowed into a single marriage contract. It's also different because eye color, race, etc., do not effect one's behavior, physiology, and a host of other things. Men and women are drastically different, even if they are the same race, have the same eye and hair colors, etc. These differences are important, and men and women are equally required in society. People of any particular eye color are not needed, because it doesn't matter what a person's eye color is.

"Furthermore, Taking what you said, are you implying that single mothers, people who don't wish to have life long relationships, and single fathers are omitting the opposite gender?"

False. Currently, they aren't even looking. Not looking, and specifically making an attempt to exclude persons of a specific sex from their union are two completely different things.

"Because the world opinion on saying that would be to be appalled. So, if you aren't saying that you're a hypocrite who is once again trying to mask your deep rooted homophobia in fancy wordings in an attempt to seem like an intellectual. If you are saying that I'm sure the general consensus, even amongst your fellow homophobes, would be to be appalled with the disgusting notion."

I don't see an argument here. Just a lot of babbling.

"That entire analogy is flawed, offensive, sexist, homophobic and minimizing the issue so you can pretend you aren't hurting people with your misguided opinion. Love and life are not a fucking game. To compare it to one is wrong. Regardless of sex, gender, and sexuality. To think it's not really makes you an ignorant slob."

Explain why it is flawed. I don't care if it's offensive, sexist, or homophobic. Explain why it so called "minimizes the issue." Also prove to me that my motive is to "pretend that I don't hurt people." Also please provide proof and evidence that my opinion is misguided. Do explain to me where I said Love and life are a game. Seems you don't understand how analogies within the context of a debate works.

And I don't care about your opinion of me, so I couldn't care less if your mere opinion of me is that I'm an "ignorant slob."

"Tbh you're a homophobic, sexist piece of ignorant trash and you REALLY need to reevaluate your life is you can turn serious life issues into a sport or game. Also, if you're really so seated in your fucked up opinions maybe you should speak to yourself instead of copy pasting from OTHER peoples fucked up opinions. YOU FEEL SO STRONGLY BUT CANT EVEN FIGHT FOR YOURSELF. "

Yawn. It's funny you think anyone would re-evaluate themselves based on what you say. Don't flatter yourself. Your conduct is horrible, your debating skills lack proper use of the tools of logic and critical thinking, and your overuse of specific words and insults make you look like an idiot. How is anyone supposed to take you seriously? Maybe if you used "sexist" or "homophobic" a few more times? Probably not.

"lmao get fucked"

Thank you for being such a terrible example of the LGBT and Allies community. I'm sure they'll appreciate you showing to everyone who already dislikes the LGBT and Allies community, or those who don't have an opinion, that LGBT people and their straight allies are very poor-behaved individuals.
zarhx Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013
The thing is, it's not a matter of "disagreeing." It's a matter of people voting to make their opinions LAW. Opinions on matters that affect you in zero ways.

Please, please, please. Give me a good reason against gays marrying. Something that outweighs the pros.
endler Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
If you're just not a fan and you end it at there, then I can't say you are one. I honestly don't care if someone doesn't support gay marriage or anything as long as they don't go harassing people/go out of their way to try to stop it from happening. :meow:
Buzzy-Queen-Bee Featured By Owner May 25, 2013
CodeReflection Featured By Owner May 7, 2013  Student Filmographer
If your a christian, you would get the most hate.. If you say you don't agree with the life style.
SionnaDehr Featured By Owner May 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Why? I just say I don't agree. I'm not infringing on anyone's rights. I'm not telling anyone that they're horrible people (which I do not believe). I'm definitely not saying that I hate anyone for what they choose to identify themselves as.
I'm just saying that my religious convictions do not allow me to agree. If that bothers you, then ignore me.
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